PrestaShopMailchimp Synchronization Module


When you are running an online store then there is a high chance that you will be managing quite a few email accounts that are linked to the store in some way. Managing those accounts can sometimes become a hassle. With the help of Automatic Mailchimp Sync you can make things easier for you. This is a PrestaShopMailchimp Synchronization module and it can help you categorize your customer. On paper this seems a simple enough concept and you may think that you do not need it, but the truth is that you will need PrestaShop Mailchimp Synchronization at some point in your business.

What it do?


This product is very helpful on various occasions and that is why it would be folly not to purchase it. If your online store is still in its initial stage then you should buy PrestaShop Mailchimp Synchronization right away and get used to the features that it provides.


For newer businesses it might seem useless to spend money on such a product, but the truth is that it will help you greatly in the longer run. Some of the things that PrestaShop Mailchimp Synchronization does perfectly are:


1.      Auto Synchronization


One of the best features that PrestaShopMailchimp Synchronization provides is auto synchronization. With the help of these feature you do not need to worry about the new customers that subscribe to your website every day. This is because auto synchronization spontaneously synchronizes all the new customer emails to the Mailchimp account. This process is done on a daily and timely basis and that is why you need not worry about any emails being lost.


2.      Manual Mode


Aside from auto synchronization, PrestaShopMailchimp Synchronization allows the user to manually synchronize the emails too. With this feature you can either choose to synchronize all the emails at once or go one by one, depending on preference and need. This feature is very handy especially in situations where you quickly want to synchronize a few important customer emails to Mailchimp


3.      Management


When you have so many customers to deal with, managing and categorizing them can become a tedious task. Luckily, PrestaShop Mailchimp Synchronization can do most of the work for you. With the help of these module you can easily separate your customers according to country, language, currency or any other classification. It is a useful feature and it can help you get educated regarding your popularity in the various areas of the world.


4.      PrestaShop Compatibility


Since most of your online store will be working with PrestaShop integrationand PrestaShop is the best open source E-commerce solutions worth utilizing that is why compatibility with PrestaShop is important. When you are working with PrestaShop Mailchimp Synchronization Module then you do not need to worry about this as the module is fully compatible with PrestaShop.


Other Features


Aside from these main features, PrestaShopMailchimp Synchronization also has some other useful attributes. Some of them are:


·         Another useful feature that Mailchimp provides is that you can easily export CSV files. With this feature it becomes very easy to transfer important pieces of information.


·         Categorize customers on what kinds of products they buy.


·         Categorize customers that are subscribed to the newsletter or not.


·         Classify customers on the amount of money that they have spent.


After you purchase the newsletter popup module then you will get technical support for 90 days and you can even get access to the updates of the product as well. You even get different services after you select the Zen option. The first service is that you get access to all the updates that are released during the time that you avail the option Zen. The second service is that you also get unlimited after-sales support during the period.




These were some of the most important things that you should know about PrestaShopMailchimp Synchronization. If you are running and online store and haven’t yet purchased this module then now is the time. If you think that this product will not be of much use to you in your business then perhaps you should encourage yourself to give it a try. There is a decent chance that the module will grow on you and you will quickly understand its importance and convenience.


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