BRAND NEW, Cookie Based Pop-ups Too!

Pop-Up Generator also, lets you utilize cookie based pop-ups.

Have you ever navigated around a site and every time you came back to the main page the popup came up again? How annoying is that?

You don’t have to put your customers and prospects through a popup nightmare. With Popup Generator, you can select the number of times a popup will show.

For example, you can set it to “0” and it will pop up every time a person comes to the page. Set it to “1” and they will only see your popup once per day. Set it to “999” and they will never see your popup again.

You can totally control your customer’s experience on your site!

Three simple steps to make your pop-ups work.

  1. Enter In Your Popup Configuration. (The information described above)
  2. Click “Generator Code
  3. Click “Test Code”. This actually pops up the window you just created.
  4. Click “Grab Code”. Copy the code and place it on your web page.

Also included are the Codes to Close Your Windows!

Getting the window to open is half the battle. You must also give your customers and prospects a way to Close the window you have opened on their behalf.

Pop-Up Generator also gives you the codes needed to close your Pop-ups!

Close Window with a Button
Close Window with a Link
Close Window Automatically with a Timer
Close Window By Clicking an Image
Close Window By Clicking Anywhere On The page!

As you can see the Pop-Up Generator will give you everything you need to create pop-ups without all the headaches associated with it.

Limited Time Offer – 100% Resell Rights Included!

For a limited time, get this powerful yet simple to use software with 100% Master Resell Rights! This means, not only do you own the software, you also own the rights to it. You keep 100% of the profits you make. You also have the ability to resell the rights to others as well should you wish.

As a Special Bonus, also includes is a website to help you sell your new software. All you have to do is upload to your server and customize the order link. You can start making money with the package within minutes!

If you order Pop-up Generator today you will receive:

  • The simple-to-use Popup Generator software. You will be able to start creating pop-ups in minutes, even if you don’t know a thing about codes.
  • Free Bonus of all the Close Window Codes to make closing your windows that much easier for your visitors.
  • You will receive a website to help you sell this software to others. I have included all the graphics and made it so simple, you just have to change the order link so you can start selling immediately.
  • Limited Time Offer of 100% Master Resell Rights! You keep all the profits. You own it and you can do as you wish.

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