Books to be read by software architects


If you have decided to pursue your career as a software architect then we congratulate you that you have selected the best career for yourself. The way technology is growing every passing day, it is well assured that the software engineers and architects are bound to prosper in the future. The Market has a high regard for the software architects due to the following reasons

  • A software architect makes a solid base for the software project under consideration
  • A software architect makes the platform highly scalable
  • A software architect has a great influence on the performance enhancement of the platform

Need to read books!

Yes, you may have the best degree at the end of the day from the best university when it comes to software architecture however to make a prosperous career you need to read some extra stuff too. In the headings mentioned below, we have briefly discussed some of the books which can really enrich your knowledge related to software architecture

1.      12 Essential Skills for Software Architects

Written by Dave Hendricksen, the book is a masterpiece when it comes to software architecture. As a software architect you do not require technical skills only rather on the contrary you need to work on your soft skills as well. The book basically states 12 skills which are necessary for the architect to have under his belt.

2.      Software Architecture: Foundations, Theory, and Practice

The book is a combined effort of three authors namely Eric M. Dashofy, Richard N. Taylor and Nenad Medvidović. The book is a great source of knowledge pertaining to software architecture. All the topics have been discussed in great detail. The style of the book is academic hence boredom can overcome you.

3.      Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

This marvelous book has been written by Martin Fowler. The book is very complex and has been written particularly for people who are true software professionals commended with enterprise applications building. The book covers different patterns pertaining to concurrency, domain logic and web presentation.  The author has given wonderful examples in the book which really helps in the understanding of difficult concepts.

4.      Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture Volume 1: A System of Patterns

The main authors of this wonderful book are Peter Sommerlad, Frank Buschmann, Regine Meunier and Michael Stal. The book is one of the earliest written works related to architectural patterns. The book is home to architectural pattern catalogs along with a serious discussion done through examples. It is said that the book has not achieved the fame it deserved!

5.      “Software Systems Architecture: Working With Stakeholders Using Viewpoints and Perspectives”

This exceptional book has been written by two highly professional architects namely Eoin Woods and Nick Rozanski.  The book has some theoretical concepts however overall the book takes a practical approach. The book stresses on a working relationship with stakeholders and perspectives and utilizing viewpoints.  If you are someone who wants to learn about working with stakeholders then this book is ideal for you.

6.      Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software

“Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software” has been written by John Vlissides, Erich Gamma, Ralph Johnson and Richard Helm.  The book is ideal for designers. The book was published back in the year 1994 and has not been revised since then. Hence the book can be termed as classic. If you are someone who does not admire design patterns there is no harm in reading this book.

7.      Refactoring in Large Software Projects: Performing Complex Restructurings Successfully

The book was introduced in the market back in the year 2006. The three authors of the book are Stephen Roock, Wiley and Martin Lippert.  The book revolves around the topic of Refactoring. The book also covers the architectural smells in great detail. The book although is not well-known in the market, however, we think that it is a must read.

8.      Essential Software Architecture

Published in the year 2006, the book is authored by Springer and Ian Gorton. The book discusses different practical experiences pertaining to It systems (architecting enterprise). The book is more beneficial for people who are employed in the domain of information systems. If you are someone who is operating in specialized domains and embedded systems then this is an ideal book for you.

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