Open Source Ecommerce Solutions worth Utilizing!

The Revolution

Today we live in a world which is changing very fast. The technological innovations have really revolutionized the globe. A trend which has caught the market with Boom is that of Commerce. Today there are many young entrepreneurs who are starting their own online businesses and are making considerable profits as well.

Big names

There are many international companies as well which have adopted this E-commerce strategy and are famous all over the Globe. Names like Alibaba, and eBay top the list. However, the mere development of the website is not something which is necessary for the online business to prosper. Rather you need to manage the webpage as well if you want a stable traffic to visit your page.

Management of the E-commerce Platform

To manage the E-commerce platform you need to avail open source E-commerce solutions or software. There is no shortage of this software nowadays however just like any product or service, in the case of software as well you cannot simply pick one for yourself. Try to select the software which is famous and which can provide you with the necessary benefits.

To make things easier for you, we have discussed some of the best open source E-commerce solutions in the headings below.

1.      Magento

Magento is a common name in the market nowadays and we are sure that you must be having some idea about it. The fact of the matter is that Magento is a highly popular name when it comes to eCommerce solutions.

As an open source utilizer, Magento provides you with all the tools that are required. Some key points of Magento are:

  • The software allows you to prepare content and landing pages for your products. It also assists you in shipping management.
  • Useful reports can be generated as well
  • The working of Magento is based on add-ons. There are many options offered by Magento such as custom stock systems, sales tax integrations and customer chat integrations
  • As a user, you can also purchase the pre-made themes for the general designing of your website.

2.     PrestaShop

The core of PrestaShop has been built on PHP which makes the software highly compatible with the majority of websites. PrestaShop falls into the category of open source solution and is highly popular all over the world.

  • More than 1500 templates are offered by PrestaShop (500 are premium)
  • PrestaShop is home to Add-ons allowing addition with Amazon Marketplace, Google Merchant Center and Stripe
  • International stores are supported by PrestaShop within the single back end.
  • PrestaShop is blessed with Reporting abilities such as the ability to forecast and intelligent merchant KPI feature
  • Many useful built-in modules: Prestashop contact form modulesocial login Prestashop module, and many more!

3.      Spree Commerce

The uniqueness of Spree Commerce lies in the fact that it is software which has been developed via ruby as opposed to PHP. If you are someone who like an idea about Ruby and who simply wants to shift from PHP then this is the software which you should be considering for yourself. Some key points related to Spree are as follows

  • The coding of Spree Commerce has made it a lightweight system. The software runs very fast and can be very helpful in a situation where your host actually charges you for the activity which you undertake
  • The software does not operate on the core-extension model. There are a few well-developed extensions when it comes to Spree however the good point is that most of these extensions are free of cost.
  • The core functionality of Spree Commerce helps you in the management of products, shipping, orders and payments.

4.      osCommerce

osCommerce is considered as one of the oldest software as far as Ecommerce is concerned. Naturally this means that osCommerce must be home to several add-ons.  According to one stat, more than 7000 integrations are available for this software. We can summarize osCommerce in the points below

  • All kind of third parties are entertained by osCommerce and the software gets easily integrated with these third parties. The integration takes place through Apps Marketplace.
  • The software is relatively simple to use and is hence the best option for those who have just entered the E-commerce Industry
  • A healthy user community is providing support to osCommerce

5.      OpenCart

OpenCart is a kind of software that can be extended by you in order to fit your particular business needs.  The software is famous for its sleek administrative dashboard.  The basic system of the software is conducive for smaller stores however some modifications may be required in case of a large store. The major offerings of OpenCart are as follows

  • OpenCart can be installed easily especially if you have a LAMP. The majority of service providers do not have any kind of issue with OpenCart.
  • Free basic integrations are available related to the software. Similarly, add-ons can also be accessed via OpenCart marketplace
  • A cloud version of the software is also very much their, however, it is not free of cost.

6.      WooCommerce

WooCommerce is basically an open source plugin which is highly effective for businesses which are operating on WordPress.  The plugin helps in transforming a business site into a store.  Some key offerings of WooCommerce are as follow

  • WooCommerce does not require any serious customization
  • An important feature of WooCommerce is the process of its one-page checkout. The process helps the customers as far as payment of the items which they purchase goes.

Make your move

As an Online Business Merchant, you can avail any of the above-mentioned E-commerce solutions. There are many others as well apart from these mentioned ones like PrestaShop etc. So rest assured; that the options for you are several out there.




PrestaShop Mailchimp Synchronization Module

When you are running an online store then there is a high chance that you will be managing quite a few email accounts that are linked to the store in some way. Managing those accounts can sometimes become a hassle. With the help of Automatic Mailchimp Sync you can make things easier for you. This is a PrestaShop Mailchimp Synchronization module and it can help you categorize your customer. On paper, this seems a simple enough concept and you may think that you do not need it, but the truth is that you will need PrestaShop Mailchimp Synchronization at some point in your business.

What It Does?

This product is very helpful on various occasions and that is why it would be folly not to purchase it. If your online store is still in its initial stage then you should buy PrestaShop Mailchimp Synchronization right away and get used to the features that it provides.

For newer businesses, it might seem useless to spend money on such a product, but the truth is that it will help you greatly in the longer run. Some of the things that PrestaShop Mailchimp Synchronization does perfectly are:

1.      Auto Synchronization

One of the best features that PrestaShop Mailchimp Synchronization provides is auto synchronization. With the help of these features, you do not need to worry about the new customers that subscribe to your website every day. This is because auto synchronization spontaneously synchronizes all the new customer emails to the MailChimp account. This process is done on a daily and timely basis and that is why you need not worry about any emails being lost.

2.      Manual Mode

Aside from auto synchronization, PrestaShop Mailchimp Synchronization allows the user to manually synchronize the emails too. With this feature you can either choose to synchronize all the emails at once or go one by one, depending on preference and need. This feature is very handy especially in situations where you quickly want to synchronize a few important customer emails to MailChimp.

3.      Management

When you have so many customers to deal with, managing and categorizing them can become a tedious task. Luckily, PrestaShop Mailchimp Synchronization can do most of the work for you. With the help of this module, you can easily separate your customers according to country, language, currency or any other classification. It is a useful feature and it can help you get educated regarding your popularity in the various areas of the world.

4.      PrestaShop Compatibility

Since most of your online store will be working with PrestaShop integration is the best open source E-commerce solution worth utilizing that is why compatibility with PrestaShop is important. When you are working with PrestaShop Mailchimp Synchronization Module then you do not need to worry about this as the module is fully compatible with PrestaShop.

Other Features

Aside from these main features, PrestaShop Mailchimp Synchronization also has some other useful attributes. Some of them are:

  • Another useful feature that MailChimp provides is that you can easily export CSV files. With this feature, it becomes very easy to transfer important pieces of information.
  • Categorize customers on what kinds of products they buy.
  • Categorize customers that are subscribed to the newsletter or not.
  • Classify customers on the amount of money that they have spent.

After you purchase the newsletter popup module then you will get technical support for 90 days and you can even get access to the updates of the product as well. You even get different services after you select the Zen option. The first service is that you get access to all the updates that are released during the time that you avail the option Zen. The second service is that you also get unlimited after-sales support during the period.


These were some of the most important things that you should know about PrestaShop Mailchimp Synchronization. If you are running an online store and haven’t yet purchased this module then now is the time. If you think that this product will not be of much use to you in your business then perhaps you should encourage yourself to give it a try. There is a decent chance that the module will grow on you and you will quickly understand its importance and convenience.


Simple To Use Software Makes Creating Pop-Ups So Easy, A Child Can Do It!

If You Ever Wanted To Use The Power of Pop-Ups, This Software Is For You!

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Here are just a few problems many people face using pop-ups:

  • A lot of pop-ups are coded wrong! Yes, you wouldn’t know it, but the pop-ups themselves are coded wrong and don’t work the way the originator explained.
  • Most people don’t know where to place the code. Poor instructions can make your utilization of pop-ups a total nightmare.
  • Not knowing how to edit the code can be very frustrating. You have finally found the script you want after searching for days and now you don’t know how to edit all this code that looks like a foreign language to you. The end result, you don’t use it.

These problems alone are enough to make anyone not want to use Pop-ups.

You can’t deny the benefits of Popup advertising. Popup advertising can easily increase your bottom line by thousands of dollars if you use it correctly.

Pop-ups don’t have to be complicated.

Introducing… Popup Generator

Popup Generator will allow you to create popup codes within minutes. It is a simple software program, which literally does all the work for you. It is designed to allow you to modify the code for a wide variety of pop-ups without knowing on a bit about codes.

With Popup Generator, you can literally create a popup window how you want it, in less than 2 1/2 minutes.

Here is what Popup Generator Will Allow you to do:

  • Choose whether you want a Front Popup or an InBack Popup.
  • Customize the size of your popup Windows
  • Specify where your popup appears on your users’ screen
  • Choose what functions you want in your popup
    • Location Bar
    • Directories
    • Menu Bar
    • Tool Bar
    • Status Bar
    • Resizable
    • Scroll Bar
    • Dependant
  • Decide if you want the popup to be Full Screen
  • Select How you Want the Window to popup

PHP Auction Software

PHP auction main features

  • customizable HTML templates for easy design changes
  • mySQL database backend for superior control over data
  • HTML product listings with uploadable photos
  • Complete search function which searches the entire database for products
  • The display of current users and current auctions
  • New user registration
  • Users login/logout
  • “Forgot your password?”
  • User-defined usernames
  • Password retrieval via email
  • Free bids for registered users
  • Email notification of bids
  • Auctions: User-defined Item descriptions
  • Users can upload pictures
  • Reserve prices, minimum bids
  • Standard, Dutch auctions
  • View bid history
  • Auction Displays: Displayed seller name and information
  • The displayed quantity of items
  • Ability to send auction to a friend
  • Browseable categories
  • Displays the last created auctions
  • Displays the Highest bids
  • Displays Auctions ending soon
  • Help system
  • News system
  • Money formatting options

Phpauction Administration back-end main features

  • Password protected admin program
  • Changeable currency labels for use in different countries
  • The configuration of admin e-mail address
  • Configuration of categories
  • The configuration of the countries table
  • The configuration of payment methods
  • The configuration of auctions duration
  • The configuration of bid increments
  • Edit/Delete Users
  • Edit/Delete Auctions
  • Add/edit/delete Help System topics
  • Add/edit/delete news


Phpauction’s minimal server requirements are as follows:

– an Apache web server
 PHP 4 (or above)
– MySQL Database
– Ability to run a cronjob


Upon payment you become fully licensed to install and operate this software on multiple websites, you also become fully licensed to re-sell this software if you choose. This is a perfect opportunity for those who wish to construct and sell auction websites or who would like to become software vendors.

E-Z Auction Software

Powerful, feature rich auction software
Create your own auction website or add auctions and classified ads to your existing website with E-Z Auction Software.
Compare this auction software to auction software packages costing $500 – $750 – $1500 and more. We believe software should be affordable for small businesses and individuals and that powerful feature-rich software need not be too costly for the average person to afford.

E-Z Auction Software Features:

  • Registration Required
  • Email Verification
  • Password Protection
  • Automated Email Notification
  • Automated Closing
  • Integrated Search Engine
  • Bidding History
  • Browse Closed Auctions
  • Change Registration Info
  • Seller Sets Starting Bid
  • Seller Sets Reserve Price
  • Automated User Statistics
  • Unlimited Subcategories
  • View All New Hot and Closing Auctions
  • Classifieds
  • Wanted Ads
  • Customized E-Mail, Converting Visitors Into Customers
  • Buy-it Button
  • Shipping options
  • Payment options
  • Feedback
  • Lost Password
  • Forgot Alias
  • View Sellers other auctions

What Do You Get
You get all auction software necessary to operate your own auction site as well as easy installation and operating instructions and graphics (buttons etc.)

System Requirements
To use this auction software you must have a website or web server hosted on Unix or Windows, Perl 5.003 or later, send email or SMTP, and permission to execute CGI scripts within your account. You must be able to upload CGI scripts to your CGI-Bin.

Upon payment you become fully licensed to install and operate E-Z Auction Software on multiple websites, as well you also become fully licensed to re-sell this auction software if you choose. This is a perfect opportunity for those who wish to construct and sell auction websites or who would like to become software vendors or resellers.

Converting Visitors Into Customers

If you own a website then you will know that the website gets a lot of visitors each day. Many people log on to a website in order to find something they need. If they find what they were looking for then the users might decide to stay and if they do not find the desired information then they might leave. Some of the users might even come back to your website after a while in order to search for new information. The real question in all of this is that how do you turn regulation visitors into customers? There are many things that need to be done in order to make a website attractive. You will find some of the main aspects below.

  • The First Few Second
  • Call To Action
  • Stock Information
  • Social Media
  • No Background

1. The First Few Seconds

When you are designing your website, then try to remember the 3-second rule. According to research, an average person only stays on a web page for 3 seconds. If the user is not able to find anything interesting during these few seconds then there is a good chance that he will move on to the next page.

So, when you are designing your website, then you should keep this in mind. All you need to do is make sure that your website looks attractive and gives the person whatever he wants within a few seconds. if the visitor sees what they need on the home page of the website then there is a very high chance that he might stay on the webpage and become a frequent visitor of the website.

2. Call To Action

This is more important than you think, your website must be usable and should be waiting for commands from the user. If you have an online store then you can use this technique in various places. Call to action is essentially a method to attract the user and make them do something specific.

In the case of an online store, you can place an “add to cart” button in a place which is easily accessible and choose a bright color so that it is also noticeable. This will cause the user to click the button, it does not matter whether the user wants to buy the product or not, but making him add the product to the cart will give him a reason to buy it.

3. Stock Information

Adding stock information on the product page is also a good way to attract customers. If a visitor sees that a certain product is in stock then there is a likelihood that he might take a look at your website. The visitor will then also snoop around other areas of the website and end up buying a bunch of stuff.

Users appreciate it when sellers truthfully tell the availability of a product. It gives them a feeling that the seller cares about the buyer’s time and does not want to waste any of it. If a visitor sees that a certain product is out of stock then he might even look for something similar in the process and choose to buy something else.

4. Social Media

Social Media

Incorporating social media as an important tool is a good idea. Social media can get you a lot of customers as it is arguably the fastest method of reaching people. There are millions of people who are online social media every day and if you can show them what you are selling then there is a higher probability that they might visit your website. All you need to do is upload a picture of your products along with the link and the user at the other end will automatically choose to click the links.

5. No Background

When you are running a website then you need to constantly come up with ways to attract customers. The trend nowadays is to remove the backgrounds from your photographs. According to newer trends, the users find it more attractive when the products are photographed without backgrounds. It gives an immersive experience and users tend to like it.


These were some of the most amazing ways that you can use in order to convert website visitors to customers. When you are running an online store then your customers are the most important thing and you need to make sure that you do not lose a lot of them.

BRAND NEW, Cookie Based Pop-ups Too!

Pop-Up Generator also, lets you utilize cookie based pop-ups.

Have you ever navigated around a site and every time you came back to the main page the popup came up again? How annoying is that?

You don’t have to put your customers and prospects through a popup nightmare. With Popup Generator, you can select the number of times a popup will show.

For example, you can set it to “0” and it will pop up every time a person comes to the page. Set it to “1” and they will only see your popup once per day. Set it to “999” and they will never see your popup again.

You can totally control your customer’s experience on your site!

Three simple steps to make your pop-ups work.

  1. Enter In Your Popup Configuration. (The information described above)
  2. Click “Generator Code
  3. Click “Test Code”. This actually pops up the window you just created.
  4. Click “Grab Code”. Copy the code and place it on your web page.

Also included are the Codes to Close Your Windows!

Getting the window to open is half the battle. You must also give your customers and prospects a way to Close the window you have opened on their behalf.

Pop-Up Generator also gives you the codes needed to close your Pop-ups!

Close Window with a Button
Close Window with a Link
Close Window Automatically with a Timer
Close Window By Clicking an Image
Close Window By Clicking Anywhere On The page!

As you can see the Pop-Up Generator will give you everything you need to create pop-ups without all the headaches associated with it.

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For a limited time, get this powerful yet simple to use software with 100% Master Resell Rights! This means, not only do you own the software, you also own the rights to it. You keep 100% of the profits you make. You also have the ability to resell the rights to others as well should you wish.

As a Special Bonus, also includes is a website to help you sell your new software. All you have to do is upload to your server and customize the order link. You can start making money with the package within minutes!

If you order Pop-up Generator today you will receive:

  • The simple-to-use Popup Generator software. You will be able to start creating pop-ups in minutes, even if you don’t know a thing about codes.
  • Free Bonus of all the Close Window Codes to make closing your windows that much easier for your visitors.
  • You will receive a website to help you sell this software to others. I have included all the graphics and made it so simple, you just have to change the order link so you can start selling immediately.
  • Limited Time Offer of 100% Master Resell Rights! You keep all the profits. You own it and you can do as you wish.

Books to be read by software architects


If you have decided to pursue your career as a software architect then we congratulate you that you have selected the best career for yourself. The way technology is growing every passing day, it is well assured that the software engineers and architects are bound to prosper in the future. The Market has a high regard for the software architects due to the following reasons

  • A software architect makes a solid base for the software project under consideration
  • A software architect makes the platform highly scalable
  • A software architect has a great influence on the performance enhancement of the platform

Need to read books!

Yes, you may have the best degree at the end of the day from the best university when it comes to software architecture however to make a prosperous career you need to read some extra stuff too. In the headings mentioned below, we have briefly discussed some of the books which can really enrich your knowledge related to software architecture

1.      12 Essential Skills for Software Architects

Written by Dave Hendricksen, the book is a masterpiece when it comes to software architecture. As a software architect you do not require technical skills only rather on the contrary you need to work on your soft skills as well. The book basically states 12 skills which are necessary for the architect to have under his belt.

2.      Software Architecture: Foundations, Theory, and Practice

The book is a combined effort of three authors namely Eric M. Dashofy, Richard N. Taylor and Nenad Medvidović. The book is a great source of knowledge pertaining to software architecture. All the topics have been discussed in great detail. The style of the book is academic hence boredom can overcome you.

3.      Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

This marvelous book has been written by Martin Fowler. The book is very complex and has been written particularly for people who are true software professionals commended with enterprise applications building. The book covers different patterns pertaining to concurrency, domain logic and web presentation.  The author has given wonderful examples in the book which really helps in the understanding of difficult concepts.

4.      Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture Volume 1: A System of Patterns

The main authors of this wonderful book are Peter Sommerlad, Frank Buschmann, Regine Meunier and Michael Stal. The book is one of the earliest written works related to architectural patterns. The book is home to architectural pattern catalogs along with a serious discussion done through examples. It is said that the book has not achieved the fame it deserved!

5.      “Software Systems Architecture: Working With Stakeholders Using Viewpoints and Perspectives”

This exceptional book has been written by two highly professional architects namely Eoin Woods and Nick Rozanski.  The book has some theoretical concepts however overall the book takes a practical approach. The book stresses on a working relationship with stakeholders and perspectives and utilizing viewpoints.  If you are someone who wants to learn about working with stakeholders then this book is ideal for you.

6.      Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software

“Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software” has been written by John Vlissides, Erich Gamma, Ralph Johnson and Richard Helm.  The book is ideal for designers. The book was published back in the year 1994 and has not been revised since then. Hence the book can be termed as classic. If you are someone who does not admire design patterns there is no harm in reading this book.

7.      Refactoring in Large Software Projects: Performing Complex Restructurings Successfully

The book was introduced in the market back in the year 2006. The three authors of the book are Stephen Roock, Wiley and Martin Lippert.  The book revolves around the topic of Refactoring. The book also covers the architectural smells in great detail. The book although is not well-known in the market, however, we think that it is a must read.

8.      Essential Software Architecture

Published in the year 2006, the book is authored by Springer and Ian Gorton. The book discusses different practical experiences pertaining to It systems (architecting enterprise). The book is more beneficial for people who are employed in the domain of information systems. If you are someone who is operating in specialized domains and embedded systems then this is an ideal book for you.

By the way, you can read “5 Great Books for Learning Web Design the Right Way

Battle Of The E-Commerce Platforms

In today’s world, many of the things are done over the internet. There are many websites that you can find where you can buy and sell different items. For this purpose, many of the websites use different e-commerce platforms so that payments can be made simpler and managing the different products can become easier. There are many e-commerce platforms to choose from, but the most popular ones that you can find are:

  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • WooCommerce
  • OpenCart
  • PrestaShop

Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart and PrestaShop are undoubtedly some of the most popular Open Source E-commerce Solutions worth Utilizing! that you can find on the internet. Both of these platforms provide features that are really helpful for a growing a business and they constantly keep on upgrading their arsenal by providing more amazing features.

When it comes to choice then there is some serious thought that needs to be put into the decision because each platform is better than the other in some way. When it comes to Shopify then you will be better of choosing Advanced Shopify because many of the features that you will find there are very useful. However, if you like Magento better then you will have to choose the community version if you are a small business.

However, when your business starts to grow then you can very easily switch between the paid versions.

When it comes to cost, then both of the platforms provide different packages. If you choose Shopify then you will be charged a particular fee per month. Shopify is already fully hosted, by paying the fee you also get maintenance which is an added advantage. However, you will also find yourself paying for some premium apps on a regular basis which adds to the fee.

  • Magento

on the other hand is free to download and you will have to do your hosting on your own. Although Magento is free for the most part, you will find yourself in need of professional help to integrate the components with Magento. So, in other words, you will not be saving a lot of money, instead, you will be just spending it elsewhere.

Shopify and Magento allow the user to have their own domain links. However, one different in Shopify is that it is a hosted solution that does not require any kind of setup.

  • Prestashop

PrestaShop is one of the most popular open source e-commerce platforms that you can find. More than 250,000 online stores are currently using PrestaShop as their e-commerce platform. It is very easy to use, installing and customizing this software is simple and that is what makes it so easy to use. However, one downside of the PrestaShop is that you do not have a lot of customization options.

  • WooCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the most popular open source e-commerce platforms that you can find. Many online stores are currently using WooCommerce as their e-commerce platform. It is very easy to use, installing and customizing this software is simple and that is what makes it so easy to use. However, one downside of the WooCommerce is that you do not have a lot of customization options.

If you are a small business owner then you must have heard the name of OpenCart. If you do not have any programming experience then OpenCart is very helpful. It provides a lot of functionality to the average user and they can use these options to their benefit. You can do a lot with OpenCart but one downside of it is that while using OpenCart you are highly dependent on plugins.

Besides, you can research 5 Great Books for Learning Web Design the Right Way to choose the match E-commerce platform for your website


5 Great Books for Learning Web Design the Right Way

The best way to move forward in life is to learn more skills. However, nowadays the modes of learning new things have changed dramatically. There are many innovative ways that you can use in order to learn newer things, and they include things like YouTube, digital books and online course platforms like edx and Udemy. However, there are some things that cannot be changed and that is books till exist. Books are still used by a large number of the population as a learning source. It provides an immersive experience and is full of valuable information.

If you are a person who wants to learn web design, then there are many books that you can refer too. However, not all of them are up to the standard and are full of useless information. Below you will find some of the best books that you should read to learn more about web designing.

  • HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites
  • Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide
  • Designing With Web Standards
  • Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach To Web Usability
  • CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions

1.      HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites


If you are a person wants to learn things quickly then HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites is a book that is just for you. The best thing about this book is that it does not bore the reader with the technical aspects of the topic and jumps right into the action.

HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites allows the reader to start learning the absolute essentials of web designing. It gives you the basic techniques and concepts that you will need in order to start web designing.

The greatest thing about the book is that the presentation is phenomenal. There are a lot of visuals involved in the presentation which makes the book a whole lot immersive. This kind of presentation gives the reader a lot of motivation to move forward and complete the learning experience. That is why HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites is a book that is highly recommended.

2.      Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide

If you have already learned all the basics related to web design, then it is time that you move on to the technical aspects of web designing. There are many books that you can choose from in order to make this transition but one of the best ones to read is Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide. It has been written by O’Reilly and there is no other book that beats it. Besides, you can integrate Open Source E-commerce Solutions worth Utilizing with this book.

The book is over 600 pages long and it is written in the best possible manner, the reader can get fully immersed in the reading experience and learn a lot of things in the process. While reading this book you will be able to learn everything about HTML and CSS and even get started with a little bit of JavaScript.

Although this book is designed just for beginners, however even professionals can benefit from the information that is available here.

3.      Designing With Web Standards

The above two books will be sufficient for you if you want to get started with some HTML and CSS. Therefore, now will be the perfect time to move on some professional level books and start learning some more important techniques and concepts.

In this book, you will find answers related to HTML and CSS writing standards. Designing With Web Standards is a book which will also give you some very important insight that you will need in order to overcome some basic web design issues.

The book was also revised with the help of Ethan Marcotte and now has some additional information.

4.      Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach To Web Usability

Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach To Web Usability is a book that has been written by Steve Krug and is an 8-year-old book. However, the concepts that are covered in this book are still used and they won’t be replaced anytime soon. This book gives you some solution to Converting Visitors Into Customers.

The main benefit of this book is that it will teach you to build the most user-friendly websites and will help you do so in an effective and efficient manner. Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach To Web Usability is an amazing book and you will enjoy every bit of it.

5.      CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions

HTML and CSS are the two most important things that are required to build a website and that is why it is important to learn everything about them. CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions is a book that will unlock all the secrets related to CSS.